The Daisy Award Nomination!! Woo-Hoo!

Wow, I have never been nominated for anything before in my entire life.  Seriously.  For years I’ve been watching TV award show nominees (and I do mean TONS of them.  I am a wee bit of an award show addict–except for the Country Music Awards.  Like I’ve said before, Country Music gives me a rash and an overwhelming desire to slit my wrists, swallow a jar of the nearest pills, and jump off a tall bridge) say that it’s just an honour to be nominated, and I never believed a word they said.  But, now I do.  It IS an honour.

I must thank for this nomination and I encourage you to check out her insightful, witty, and well-written blog “Going Bananas.”  It rocks!

Now is the tricky part–following the rules.  Not because I am a rebel, but rather because I have problems with deciphering directions.  Seriously, IKEA furniture makes my brain hurt.  But, I will do my valiant best and soldier on.

The rules are:

* Thank the person who nominated you.

* Tell your readers 7 unusual things about yourself.

* Nominate some worthy bloggers.

The first rule was easy.  Again, thank you to!!  Check it out, people.

Now I must reveal 7 unusual things about myself.  I should restate that–reveal 7 unusual things about myself that I haven’t already revealed in my blog.  And I have revealed a lot of unusual things.  Hm.  What to do, what to do.  Okay, here goes nothing:

1)  Apparently, I pronounce things funny.  No, really.  My dentist says I have a small, shallow mouth.  My husband doesn’t believe him.  It would seem that a small, shallow mouth can still produce a lot of noise.  It also seems to impede my ability to say “L” and “TH” sounds properly.  Don’t get me wrong.  These sounds sound (that looks weird in print) right, they just look funny while I’m making them.  My tongue leaps out of my mouth really far.  Like “lick the nose of the person I’m talking to” far.  Probably because my mouth is so shallow.  I went decades without knowing I possessed this flaw, but, thankfully, my husband (the most observant man ever), has made me very aware of this oddity.

2) I am addicted to Seinfeld.  Hence, my blogger name “facelikeafryingpan.”  Remember George trying to describe Elaine to the movie theatre attendant–“face like a frying pan, big wall of hair.”  I even had George’s answering machine message (a spoof of the Greatest American Hero theme song) on my own phone for a while.  Yup, I’m fanatical.

3) I give inanimate objects voices.  No, I’m not insane.  Honest.  I blame my father for this.  When I was a kid, my father used to draw faces on melons, oranges, bananas–basically anything that had an inedible rind.  Now,  imagine a cantaloupe that looks at you with a big smile on its face–as if to say, “hey.  You’re home.  I’m glad to see you.”  Would you be able to hack into it’s skin with a sharp object?  Not likely.  Neither could I.  Melons usually died of old age in our house.

So, now, when I accidentally bang the side of my mug against the coffee table, I apologize.  My car berates me when I hit a pothole too hard.  My Keurig gives me a blow-by-blow description of its progress.  And my computer nags me to clean its screen.  It’s noisy in my head, but I have a lot of fun.  And a lot of friends.  And a patient husband.

4)  I love Daddy-Long-Legs, the misunderstood insect that everyone treats with the same disdain as a run-of-the-mill spider.  I don’t understand it.  They are cute.  Tiny little round bodies with skinny legs that always seem to have minds of their own.  I wish I had long legs and a small body.  Instead I have a body like a snowman and stub legs.

5)  I am addicted to peanut butter.  Especially when it comes with chocolate.  I am a connoisseur of this combination.  Does anyone remember the really old Peanut Butter Cup commercials that said, “You got chocolate in my peanut butter…You got peanut butter in my chocolate.”  Well, I do.  And I have actually dipped Jersey Milk bars in Crunchy Kraft peanut butter and it is awesome.  But, the best peanut butter treat in the world is The Peanut Butter Company’s White Chocolate Wonderful.  On toasted dark rye.  Mm.  I can’t wait for breakfast time tomorrow.

6)  I love Ugly Dolls.  Duh?  I guess this is just a bit obvious if you’ve looked at my blog.  Wage Ugly Doll is the best of all.  Seriously, who couldn’t love someone who comes with his own construction apron.  I keep giving him jobs and he can’t seem to get them done though.  He’s cute, but he’s not too bright.

7)  I am addicted to New York City.  Ever since I studied make-up artistry there, I have been unable to get enough of this city.  This raises another concern.  After perusing my list, I have realized that I have a lot of addictions.  Note to self: address this issue with general practitioner.  Perhaps, referral to mental health professional is required.

Okay, step number 2 is now complete.  I have bared my strange soul to a world of virtual strangers.  In doing so, I now run the risk of another group of strangers arriving at my door with a straight-jacket designed just for me–a short round one with stubbier-than-usual sleeves.  I wonder if rubber rooms are as fun as they look?

Now, I will makes some nominations.  This blogger cracks me up completely.  She is particularly gifted at poking fun at the strange things that we have come to accept as part of everyday life.  Very clever.  And funny!  OMG!  If you need a quick laugh, you can always count on the cartoons by justoutsidethebox.  Really witty and twisted.  Love them.  This blog always puts a huge smile on my face.  I am addicted to her Random Thoughts Fridays.  I definitely recommend adding this to your “Blogs I Follow.”  If you are able to cook and laugh simultaneously, this is the blog for you.  Not only do her recipes cause me to drool all over my keyboard, but her stories are gut-bustingly funny. This is hilarious!  It’s like reading someone’s random (and hysterical) thoughts in a diary format.  You’ve got to check this out.

I wish I could nominate every blog that I follow, but that would take forever.  Turns out, I’m addicted to all of your blogs too!!  (As I am typing, I am keeping one eye on the driveway.  No big vans carrying men in white coats yet.  Phew. )

I wish my nominator and all of my nominees the best of luck being the official Daisy Award winner.

25 responses

      • MAC Cosmetics. They are awesome. They are originally Canadian and then Estee Lauder bought them and now they are international. The best eyeshadow anywhere. And as a Canadian, I am fiercely loyal. lol.

      • Ah. I see. Cosmetics. Sigh. I could explain the Wormhole Theory to you (yes, I know, total nerd) but cosmetics are mere chemicals to me. I don’t understand them. But its nice to know you’re Canadian. Two of my friends have recently migrated to Canada and they tell me Canadians are awesome. So, thank you for making them feel at home. Also, what do you think of the demand of some political groups for the abolition of monarchy and its replacement with an independent state which would be a republic headed by a president?

      • For us, the Queen is really just a symbol–and for most of us, we can’t remember exactly what she is a symbol of. Members of the Royal Family visit occasionally (and when they do it costs taxpayers a fortune). Canada is in a strange position really–ties to England through history, language (we used Brit spelling), and some of our cultural attributes. But we are also very American. So, when it comes to the Royal Family, some older people are monarchists. Not due to “leadership or power reasons,” but because they like the pomp and the tradition. Younger people couldn’t care less. As Canadians though, we tend to prefer the term “Prime Minister.” “President” is too American.

      • We use British spelling too, because of 200 years of colonialism. It may not appear in my blog because every time I spell color with a ‘u’, wordpress draws a red line under it and I cannot stand red lines under my words. Anyways, I’ve read the history of Canada, the English and French division and I understand why Canadians feel close to England. But I really don’t understand how anyone could tolerate a monarch, especially since its your money that finances them. Aren’t they too costly a symbol? I think your national animal, the beaver, is a lot less expensive and if I may, without being out of line, a lot cuter!

      • I think that because I grew up in the capital, I am rather accustomed to seeing taxpayers’ dollars spent in ways that only benefit public officials.
        As for the beaver, I agree. They are much cuter. And without the silly hats.

      • I’d like to interview you about how it was growing up in Toronto – I need it for a character in my novel (something I’m writing on the side.) Also, I’m sooo glad somebody noticed the hats! I just get so bugged when people from royal families here still refer to themselves as Maharajah and Maharani. I swear, I’m this close to throwing the Constitution in their faces. Oh, and by the way, the whole red hair thing we were talking about, is now officially a post. Thank you! 🙂

      • The capital of Canada is actually Ottawa. Toronto is the capital of our province of Ontario. Don’t worry. A lot of people assume that Toronto is our capital. I have never lived right in Toronto, just in the suburb area of Oakville.

      • I keep getting confused between the largest city and the capital. I would like to point out that as a child, I was made to learn the national capitals of 183 countries (this includes the whole Soviet Block) which is why, sometimes, things get jumbled in my head.

      • Wow! As for me, I didn’t decide. When I say I was made to learn them, I stress on the word made. I liked learning my tables, though, and my squares and cubes. I’m fond of numbers. They always have a logical progression, unlike stupid capitals (no offence to anybody). Which was your favorite subject at school?

      • Art was my favourite. I took any kind of art available. I also like English Literature and History. I liked Geography too. I was horrific at Math and many of the sciences. I admire your numerical abilities–even if they do leave me stumped.

      • I like art but I am in love with literature. Geography was alright and I only ever studied history by watching movies or reading a series of comic books called Amar Chitra Katha (they illustrate important historical events in a way appealing to the youth). I’m not fabulous at math and science either. But I do love them. Also, I have no amazing numerical abilities. I almost failed math and physics twice. My mother, though, insists I’m a genius. Have you ever failed anything or almost failed anything?

  1. Thankfully, I don’t take up home economics as one of my subjects. Not only am I terrible at household chores, I also despise them with all my soul. I’m SO glad for the chemistry lab. It used to be my refuge.

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