About The Neurotic, OCD, Short Author of this Blog

I am a freelance writer, illustrator, and NYC-trained make-up artist.  I get bored extremely easily and love to try new things.  Life is an adventure.  Admittedly, I am also a self-professed neurotic, obsessive compulsive, who loves comedy, travel, cars, feeding the local rodent population, going to Church, and everything Pop Culture.  As luck would have it, I am a Canadian who hates winter.

The Embiggens Project started off as a noble attempt to learn three new things everyday in the hopes of becoming an enlightened individual.  The problem is that I am not naturally drawn to cerebral topics and earth-shatteringly important information.  So, my blog does not likely stimulate the growth of new dendrites.  Nor does it strive to educate the masses.  It is simply someone with a strange outlook on life and a weird sense of humour sharing the bizarre and often funny tidbits that she has managed to gleam in her everyday life.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

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