Seeing Double–Mr. Clean has been cloned

I always knew that Canada‘s most famous handyman, Mike Holmes looked familiar–but I could never quite put a finger on where I had seen him before.  His trademark muscles, admittedly, have often distracted me from his other features.  But, alas, during a bout of kitchen cleaning, it came to me.  Mike Holmes looks like Mr. Clean–without the lemon scent.


Mike Holmes

With a penchant for white t-shirts, a smooth noggin, furry white eyebrows, and a pierced left ear (trust me, Mikey sports a sizable stud–is it just me or does that sound dirty?), it is difficult to tell these two beefcakes apart.  And one will clean your house while the other one fixes it.  Seriously, if you could somehow mash these two guys together, you would have the perfect man.  If only we could find a triplet who cooks.

Which one of these dudes would you rather meet in the flesh–and put to work immediately?

Photo Credits:  Mr. Clean, Mike Holmes