My Highly Dysfunctional, Obsessive Compulsive, Neurotic baby is ONE!

So, the Embiggens Project has finally reached it’s first birthday.  I feel bad because I have neglected my first born for the last month as a multitude of other projects have overwhelmed me.  And I feel even badder–I know that ‘s not a word, but it just feels right–that I have been out of touch with my blogging friends.  I think about you often and have been accumulating page after page of e-mail notifications about your posts.  And I will be reading them.  I promise.  The “delete” button and my finger shall never come in contact.

I have learned some really bizarre–and useless–things during my research for the Embiggens Project.  Not only have I grown new dendrites (I hope.  I’m sure the old ones were defective), but I have become quite a great conversationalist at parties.  Although I rarely have time for parties.  In fact, my blog has led to all types of great writing assignments.  Which have led to one hectic life.  Which has led to having no time for fun.  Or blogging.  So, in twelve short months, the Embiggens Project has annihilated my social life.  And, ironically, this blog has led to me having no time to blog.  It would appear that the Embiggens Project has suicidal tendencies.

But, I am determined to get back to my first born and give it the loving that it deserves.  I miss it.  And I miss you.  And I hope to rekindle our friendships.

And as a fitting tribute to my eldest child, I will give you a post from it’s little sibling “Searching for Barry Weiss.”


Big Hugs and Lots of Love to you all,

Face Like A Frying Pan,  aka FLAFP or “Kim” in the three dimensional world

7 responses

  1. What????? I had no idea that you had a blog solely dedicated to Barry???!!! I miss you too! I can’t believe that I have “known” you for nearly a year and yet I am just learning that your name is Kim!! Good luck with all of these projects! That’s really amazing that a blog can spur that!

    • Hi! I have missed you so much! Yup, it’s been a whole year. I look forward to many more years of us being blogging buddies to come!! I have all of your notifications saved on my e-mail and will go on a reading spree shortly!

  2. Relieved you’re still here, FLAFP – why is it we only ever get radio silence from the funny people?! Glad your blog is doing good things for you, though – at least one of us is not just barking in the dark … ;D

    • Hi Wine O’Clock! I have missed reading your posts, but I have them saved in my e-mail account! I’m not exactly barking in the sunshine, but it’s shifted more to the twilight hours. Hehe. Thank you =)

  3. I’m so with you…there never seems to be enough time for my poor neglected toddler blog. Perhaps we can start a support group for bad blog parents – oop – no time! !
    Good to see you again! 😉

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